The information about Wasteland 3 is finally here. Get to know everything about the game of dessert rangers here.

After some of the delays, Wasteland 3 finally has a solid release date and several trailers showcasing plot elements, gameplay, and mechanics.

What is Wasteland 3? What is the plot for Wasteland 3?

What’s exactly the game is about? And can you play it with your squad? The answers are down below.

Wasteland 3 is back with their Desert Rangers leaving the sunny coasts of California for the freezing wastelands of Colorado. In the trailer, it is also shown that the Colorado Springs region will feature murderous cults, vicious gangs, and strange lost technology.
Wasteland 3 was announced back in 2016 during its Fig crowdfunding campaign.

The Plot of the game is straightforward. It is set from Colorado’s lands. This squad-based video game features a turn-based battle.

The players will have different perspectives, and this will comprise asynchronous and synchronous players. This game would aim to play with other players. In this version, players will make different choices that will affect the sport’s narrative and Scenarios.Source:

Wasteland 3

What is the date of the launch of Wasteland? and where can you play Wasteland 3?

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Well, as we know that Coronavirus has put the world on hold, and because of that, the gaming industry has slowed down too resulting in delaying to Wasteland 3. So, the sports lover might have to wait a little longer to play Wasteland 3 maybe till August.

Where can you purchase Wasteland 3?

Know about the sources from where you can buy the game.

Wasteland three are on the computer, Xbox One, PlayStation four, Macintosh, and UNIX operating system on August twenty-eight. The PS4 version is available through the PlayStation Store, while the Xbox edition can be purchased through the official Xbox website.