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Jaden smith have some real issue with his health? He is Dying! How Will Smith react?

For weeks now, rumors have been circling around the Internet for quite a few weeks now about Jaden Smith’s health condition. If rumors are to be believed, Jaden Smith is in critical condition due to malnutrition. There have also been rumors that he has been struggling with drug addiction. This is all speculation, of course, but whenever Jaden Smith has been spotted in public in the past few months, he seems a pale-grey color due to lack of nutrition.

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One of the reasons why Jaden Smith might be malnourished is due to his diet, and lack of diverse options in his diet. The actor, singer, and rapper, who even performed at Coachella last year, is apparently a vegan – which means he completely avoids all animal products. While that means no meat or eggs, it also means no milk or cheese or even honey. When one is following a vegan diet, one can develop micronutrient deficiencies – if they’re not careful while vegetables and fruits, in general, are wealthy in numerous supplements, low in immersed fat and cholesterol, and furthermore higher in dietary fiber. However, there are numerous supplements that those following a veggie lover diet in many cases don’t expend enough of.


These lacks can affect your body in an assortment of ways, perhaps making you have a debilitated safe framework, a greater danger of encountering bone breaks, hypertension, rashes, or weakness.

There have been several warnings by nutritionists and healthcare professionals that these new diet fads- veganism, fruitarianism (a diet consisting of only fruits and vegetables) are extremely dangerous because there some important nutrients in protein and carbohydrates that people might miss out on.

According to sources, Will Smith and Jada Smith have hired a nutritionist for their son and are apparently very concerned, but are keeping things under wraps and don’t want anyone to know. In the past, Jaden Smith has battled several deficiencies such as Omega 3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D deficiency.

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