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Lucifer season 5 has been delayed. Just due to Coronavirus, Will it release in 2020?

Lucifer was one of the best web series being launched by Netflix. It was one of the best, and most of the viewers felt in love with Lucifer. But while there was release at that time, only the web series also have to face lots of problems. But then even 4 seasons was being released.
Lucifer was introduced in the year of 2016. The IMDB rating of Lucifer is 8.2 out of 10, and it was 87% fresh in the rotten tomatoes. The Urban Fantasy genre being introduced in Lucifer. As you all know that whenever the term Lucifer comes, it leads to the memory of God of Hell.
Lucifer’s story revolves around the devil named Lucifer. Who leaves the hell for the other devil. But the main consequences occur when Lucifer came to the earth, and the devil attack started.Forces of Geek

What is the exact release date of Lucifer season 5?

It was expected that Lucifer season 5 was soon going to be released this month or the next month. But now sad news is also coming right from Netflix, and that is that the release of Lucifer season 5 has been delayed. It doesn’t mean that the Lucifer season 5 will never come. Once the problem of the Coronavirus outbreak is reduced, then only the Lucifer season 5 will be introduced.
As you all know that Coronavirus is one of the most common problems being faced by people around the world. This virus started in China, but it has affected more than 100 countries. But due to these only there are lots of events and movie that has gone delayed. We are just hoping that this problem should end all the delaying events, web series and movie should again start.


Who are the casts included in Lucifer season 5?

The main casts who will be included in the Lucifer season 5 include Tom Ellis Lauren German Lesley Ann Brandt Kelvin Alejandro. These are some of the casts who will be involved in Lucifer season 5. There may be other casts also, but we will know about them once the web series gets released.