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Is Jaden Smith Dying? Check out the details to know more.

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. He is known for his role in Karate Kid. Jaden started his acting career with his dad. Jaden had marked in many movies like the pursuit of happiness, Karate Kid, and After Earth. After some time he leaves his acting and he focused on music only. Though he did come back in movies.

He turned his diet into vegan-only. That’s the source of the problem. This is the only reason why he is dying mainly. When he got himself turned into a vegan diet he lacked some nutrients. Well, he is suffering from nutrient imbalance. In this, the person lacks some nutrients in his balanced diet. Not taking non-veg food is the main reason why this nutrient imbalance happened.

Is Jaden Smith Dying? Check out the details to know more.
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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett confront their son about this. After their intervention, he got some sense in his mind. He visited a dietitian and now he had a proper nutrient chart. The doctor explained to them that he have lacked Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Omega 3. His new diet includes all the lacked Vitamins and he is taking it properly. Will Smith has claimed that Jaden is fine now. Let’s hope for his speedy recovery.

What Did Jaden Smith Say About The Whole Situation?

Jaden smith told in one interview that he didn’t really like the people’s response. He said the day his news comes out everyone started treating him differently. Everyone asks him if he is ok or if he needs water. he feels a bit strange with such a change of behaviour. Because of lack of nutrients, he has really big dark circles around his eyes and he started looking a lot lean. Well, we hope that he will get better soon.

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